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Free shipping in USA & Canada!
Pillar Mount - Column TV Mount in Condo | Pillar TV Mount in Condo | Wrap Around Column TV Mount | Condo TV Mount


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Pillar Mount was designed out of a necessity for comfort and efficiency of space.  In 2016 after moving into a small condo with a friend, we came to the sad realization that if we were to mount the TV where intended, on a main wall in the living room, we would have to give up the ability to have two couches.  Sharing a couch simply wasn’t an option….  The condo had two large columns awkwardly placed in the living room and kitchen.  Mounting our TV onto one of these columns would solve our dilemma.  Born, was the first prototype of Pillar Mount - rugged and not the least bit refined….
It consisted of a standard store bought TV mount, some 2x4s and a few cargo straps from the back of the car.  One week went by, then two, half expecting the TV to fall from the column in the middle of the night, to our surprise it held strong! It was the focal point of the condo, presenting as a cool floating TV when people entered.  It became a topic of conversation and envy. Over the next year, the refinement process began, 3D printing brackets and mechanisms to make the mount look and perform like a polished product. After much trial and error, the first commercial version of the Pillar Mount was released for sale in 2018.  It consisted of a very similar concept to the initial 2x4 prototype, but with some much needed polishing & refinement. 
Pillar Mount V.1 is still widely in use in condos across Canada and the United States.  Our network of customers funnelled back their likes & dislikes, we took every piece of that feedback and rolled it into the product you see today.  A five star reviewed product that we are very proud of! We locally manufacture & source a number of our parts including the column adapter bracket and ratchet straps from suppliers within Toronto, Canada.  Allowing us to say our product is proudly Canadian!
Today, Pillar Mount gives you the power to transform your space. You don’t have to live with that nuisance pillar in the middle of your living room, or buy expensive furniture to try and create a comfortable living space! Use our safe, easy to install product and turn that column into the focal point of your apartment. Give your TV the prominent placement it deserves so that you can enjoy and relax in comfort, stay connected with your important moments and create the layout of your choice.