Condo TV Mount on Column Pillar

Our Story: From Necessity to Innovation

The Challenge We Faced

It all started in 2016, in a small condo, with a big problem. The space was tight, and the options for placing our TV were even tighter. We were faced with a choice: mount the TV on the main wall, sacrificing valuable living space and breaking the no-drill rule of our lease, or find an alternative. Traditional solutions meant either losing out on space for an extra couch or settling for an awkward TV viewing angle. Neither was acceptable.

A Makeshift Solution That Sparked an Idea

Refusing to compromise, we created a rough prototype using a standard TV mount, some 2x4s, and cargo straps. It was crude, but it worked. Our TV was mounted to the pillar, not just saving space but becoming a conversation piece. It looked like it was floating. This makeshift solution was far from perfect, but it held strong, and it sparked an idea.

The Birth of Pillar Mount

What started as an attempt to save space evolved into a passion project. We spent the next year refining, designing, and testing. Through 3D printing and countless iterations, we transformed our crude prototype into the sleek, versatile, and easy-to-install Pillar Mount. Our solution had to be not just functional but aesthetically pleasing, a product we would be proud to use in our own homes.

Condo TV Mount On Column Pillar

Transforming Spaces, One Column at a Time

Our Mission

We believe everyone should be able to maximize their living space, enjoy their home entertainment without compromise, and do so in style. Pillar Mount embodies this belief, offering a no-drill, mess-free mounting solution that's as easy to install as it is to love.

TV Mount For Pillars Made In Canada

Proudly Canadian

We're proudly Canadian, committed to quality, innovation, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. From our humble beginnings to every mount we ship, we listen to our customers, take feedback to heart, and continuously improve our product to meet your needs.

Be Part of the Pillar Mount Family

Our journey from a simple idea to a product loved by customers across North America is a story of perseverance, innovation, and a deep understanding of our customers' needs. We invite you to join us, to transform your space, and to experience the difference Pillar Mount can make in your home. Welcome to the Pillar Mount family.